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Hi. This may not be what many of you want to see on here, but I am tired of applying to join multiple premed orgs/clubs and not being able to get in. Whether it is a frat or a research team no matter how hard I try I can never make it past the first interview. I am always super social and definitely fulfill any GPA requirements. What exactly am I doing wrong or is this not the career path for me? Please give me some advice.

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AvatarHannah answered 12 months ago

Hi, thanks for your question!

I first want to start off by saying that any pre-med org/clubs (especially those that require you to apply to become a member) are great resources, but they are not requirements to get into any medical school (and definitely not an indicator of whether this career path is fit for you!). There are benefits you can get from those student organizations, but there are so many more resources on campus that you can easily access.

That being said, I understand how discouraging and disappointing it can be to not be able to get into an organization that you wanted to. Every org is looking for a different type of member, and I cannot give you anything that will guarantee your position. However, I do suggest that you reach out to the board members of the respective orgs you applied to and ask them for what they were looking for in their members (and keep in mind that you might be doing nothing wrong, just that you weren’t a fit for that specific org, and that’s okay!). You can also always look through Maize Pages for more student orgs that you might like better.

In terms of research labs – this is a bit more different, and you have to go into the process understanding that it may be much harder to get in (whether it’s due to availability, competition, etc.). I believe that you can continue emailing labs that you might be interested in, or you might be able to contact a professor directly (from one of the classes you are taking). If you are currently a freshman, there’s also a program called UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program) that you can apply to as a sophomore (it can guide you with finding a research team to join).

I hope this helps! If you have any more questions, feel free to post more to the website or come to advising hours!

Hannah, PMH Advisor.

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