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AvatarAnon. asked 12 months ago

I know many factors go into deciding postbac but what border should be considered for GPA purposes only ,excluding other factors. For example is a 3.6 the borderline meaning it is recommended to do the postbac under the GPA and not worth it when you are above? Is there a certain GPA when reached where a masters isn’t gonna provide enough help like a 3.7 and above? Thank you 

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AvatarOwen Doane answered 12 months ago

Hi! Thanks for your question!
As you can imagine, the answer here really depends on your particular situation. In general, though, for students with a science GPA between a 3.0 and 3.3, it is typically recommended by our Newnan advisors to look into post-bac and special Master’s programs. Especially if your GPA didn’t start out great freshman/sophomore year, enrolling in one of these programs would benefit you a ton if you’ve shown an upward trend throughout college and that you can handle advanced science courses.
That being said, medical school admissions is a holistic process – achieving a 3.7+ science GPA won’t guarantee an acceptance. If a part of your application could potentially make up for a lower GPA (lots of patient experience, great MCAT score), then maybe it wouldn’t be worth it to try and raise your GPA by enrolling in a post-bac program. If you’re at a 3.60 science GPA, I don’t think a post-bac program would drastically change that to where it would make you a much more competitive applicant. As you can imagine, this really would come down to your specific circumstances, so I would highly recommend emailing the Newnan front desk to meet with a Pre-Health advisor. Or, if you’re comfortable, feel free to stop by our drop-in advising hours for some more individually tailored advice!
Best of luck,
Owen, PMH Co-President

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