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AvatarLori asked 3 years ago

Hello!  I am trying to decide between taking Physiol 404 vs Bio 226 and was wondering if you had any initial thoughts on either class. I have taken Physiol 201, so I believe that I have enough background for either course, but is there a difference in structure or workload?  Thank you for all your help!

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AvatarPragathi answered 3 years ago

I haven’t taken Physiol 404, so I can’t really speak on it, but I took Bio 226 a few semesters ago. It was a pretty easy class! There was a presentation, a few lab reports/assignments, and daily homeworks that are due before each lab. Overall, the lab itself was manageable, but you did have to put in a bit of work and there weren’t that many points you could miss. If you’re having trouble deciding, I would compare the grade distributions and even take a look at their past syllabi to see how each class is structured. This might help you decide which one seems like a better fit for you! Good luck! 

AvatarPre-Med Hub Staff answered 3 years ago

Hey Lori!
Going off what Pragathi said, I took physiol 404 last fall and enjoyed it! The first day of class you are split into groups that you keep for the rest of the semester. Every lab has a prelab quiz and a report that are both very manageable. There are also two multiple choice exams. Dr. Houchin is a good teacher and gives a good idea of the things you should understand in the class to do well. I’d be happy to tell you more about it during advising hours too (typically on Sundays)! 

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