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Avataranon asked 4 years ago

I’m planning to take a physiology course, but am unsure on whether to take Bio 225 or Physiol 201? I like the fact that Physiol 201 is solely focused on human physiology, but Ive noticed that a lot of people take Bio 225. As of now, I am a non-Biology major so neither of these courses would most likely count towards my major. 

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AvatarOwen Doane answered 4 years ago

Hi there! One important difference between the two classes to note is their setup. Bio 225 is 3 credits and meets for 1 hour, 3 days a week. Physiol 201 is 4 credits and meets for 1.5 hours, 3 days a week, and also has a 1 hour discussion. In terms of content, the two courses are actually pretty similar. I took 225 at the same time that a friend of mine took 201, and whenever we talked about what we were learning, we were surprised at how often the content matched up! 225 does delve into non-human physiology, but that never seemed to take priority over human physiology in lecture. Physiol 201, on the other hand, focuses pretty much exclusively on the human body. Requirements for the two classes are a bit different. Your grade for 225 is determined solely on 4 exams, plus a few bonus points for answering iClicker questions correctly during lecture. The exams were all multiple choice and asked questions about very specific things the professors said in class, so rewatching lectures on Canvas was essential. For Physiol 201, one of the main requirements is the homework. The professor can go through the material quite quickly and assign a lot of homework, but I\\\’ve heard from many who have taken this class that the professor is very helpful once you get to know her a little. Both classes will give you a pretty thorough review of human physiology, so it\\\’s up to you to determine what you have time for in your schedule, and what your course load already looks like. Feel free to reach back out here with any more questions, and also stop by our in person advising hours once they begin in the fall! Best, Owen, PMH Advisor

AvatarPre-Med Hub Staff answered 4 years ago

Hey anon! I actually took PHYSIOL 201 so I may be able to provide another perspective. 201 was actually one of my favorite classes that I’ve taken so far. I loved Dr. Rust, the professor, the material, and the setup of the class. Although it seemed like a typical biology class that required memorizing hundreds of slides, there was also a lot of logic and connections incorporated that helped me understand the material while making me feel like I wasn’t just straight memorizing. Additionally, we had homework assignments and extra credit that helped us keep up with the learning so we couldn’t fall behind and have to cram right before the exams. I also learned the material a lot better than I would have if I had crammed, so I was able to remember it long after the course was over–which turned out to be helpful for my MCAT and future coursework. Although the exams were difficult, I was able to do well with the support of 201’s engaging lectures, assignments, and office hours. Our grades were determined by a lot more than just exams, so my final grade was a lot higher than my exam average would suggest. I would highly recommend this class if you are able to take it! Feel free to reach out with further questions or drop into advising hours.
Best wishes,
Pooja, Co-President

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