AvatarJohn asked 2 years ago

If i take a physics lab at a different college, is that bad or is it recommended to take it at the hime college. Does it matter if the college i take it at is a four year university, 2 year or community college and how big if a factor is it if i took it at a community college over a university

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AvatarNick Pfeifer answered 2 years ago

Hi John,
I’ll keep this pretty brief in saying yes, it is totally fine to take physics lab at a different college. A few recommendations:

  1. Take it at a 4-year university. Med schools can be and are picky — 4-year universities have more legitimacy in general, so definitely a 4-year over 2-year or community college.
  2. Take all other STEM courses at Michigan. Physics is the one STEM subject that you can kind of get away with in taking at another university, but all others, take here.
  3. Take it in the spring/summer. I took PHYS I + lab at a 4-year university last summer. It was virtual, which was pretty convenient, but it was a great way to knock out a class for cheaper tuition (if you’re out of state) and to free up my future semester schedules.

I hope this helps. Let us know if you have any further questions, or come to our office hours Sun-Wed 6-10pm!
-Nick, PMH Advisor

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