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Hi! I had a question just for time’s sake if I take both of the premed required physics lectures and labs at a community college next summer would that be okay? Would medical schools look down on that? Has anyone on the premed hub board done that? I could do it at umich over the spring and summer too but that just seems like a lot of money, but if that’s the best option I guess I’ll just do it. I could also just do it during the school year but I have a couple of 18 credit semesters with physics, that’s why I’m worried and looking to ease my schedule a little. Thanks!

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AvatarHanin Elhagehassan answered 2 years ago

Hi there!
I have not personally taken Physics outside of U of M, but based on Newnan Pre-Health advisor (and general consensus), you ideally take all your premed requirements at your home institution or a 4-year university. However, many students have taken a similar route and many medical schools have said that if you are to take one of your pre-med courses outside of your home institution, physics is the one they least mind. I think as long as you’re receiving good grades in the other premed requirements and demonstrate competence in your premed/upper level sciences courses, I can’t imagine it’d raise any red flags for adcoms, and if it did, I’m sure a cost justification would suffice. 
However, before you do your courses outside of UofM, you should check if the course credit transfers over on UofM’s transfer course.
Good luck!
– Hanin Elhagehassan, PMH Advisor

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