AvatarKasey Umlauf asked 7 months ago

I was wondering if anyone has heard about physics 290 as an alternative to physics 250. It fits better into my schedule, and I don\\\’t have to take another physics class for my major, I’m just tentatively premed and want to keep my options open. So I wanted to know if there are any disadvantages to taking 290 instead of 250. Thanks!!

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AvatarCate answered 6 months ago

Hello Kasey, 
I hope you are doing well! First, I am going to refer you to this response by a Pre-Med Hub alumni who took Biophysics 290 (which is cross-listed at Physics 290). According to her, it could potentially count for Physics credit for some medical schools but not others. You may want to consider calling the medical schools that you are interested in to confirm that it will count towards two semesters of Physics.
If you are looking to be on the safe side, I know the more traditional path is to take Physics 250. It can be hard to fit these all in your schedule–is it possible for you to push it off to another semester? In addition, the MCAT tests material from Physics 250 (electrostatics being a big one, as well as circuits and optics). I am not sure if this is covered in Physics 290. 
I hope this helped! Please let us know if you have any more questions or come to our advising hours from 6-10PM Sunday through Wednesday. 
-Cate, PMH Co-President 

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