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Hello, I would prefer to take PHYSICS 250 somewhere other than here either during the winter semester or over spring/summer. I did a lot of research into classes at community colleges nearby and checked if classes transfer credits for 250 here, but the only class that did this was a class at MSU that is offered in person (which I wouldn\\\’t be able to take). Does anyone know if any other community colleges have a class that transfers credits for PHYSICS 250? If there are any suggestions for what I should do, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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AvatarMiranda Baumbick answered 3 months ago

I know a few people who have taken their second physics course at a different school over the summer. I would recommend using the transfer credits website to look up courses and see which schools have an equivalent class. Once you find a school that does, you must look at that school’s specific course guide to see if they are being held in the correct term that you want to take it. I know a lot of the courses were online last year, so it was much easier to find a school that was holding this equivalent class. It might be a lengthy process, but hopefully, there are more schools holding this course than just MSU.
I would also recommend opening your search up to Physics 240 equivalent courses. Physics 240 can also count as your second-year physics requirement. The only difference between Physics 240 and Physics 250 at Michigan is Physics 240 is more math based whereas Physics 250 is a newer course based on MCAT related topics, so it’s mostly aimed at pre-medical students. However, either will work as your physics requirement for medical school, especially if you’re looking for equivalent courses at other schools.
I hope that helped!
Miranda, PMH Advisor

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