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Avataranonymous asked 1 year ago

I’m a sophomore currently taking BIO 225, PHYSICS 150 and 151, ECON 101, and SLAVIC 290 (plus UROP for one credit). I was originally thinking of taking MCDB 310, PHYSICS 250 and 251, and another 4-credit class like humanities or psych/sociology next semester, but am rethinking taking biochem and physics 250 at the same time (because this semester I struggled with the first two exams for bio 225 and physics 150, and have been struggling with both of those overall). Are physics 150 and 250 really necessary to take back-to-back, or can I put off physics 250? Also, would physics 250 or mcdb 310 be better to take in the spring/summer? Or would physics 250 and mcdb 310 at the same time not be too bad (since I kinda am starting to deal with physics 150 and bio 225 better now at this point in the semester)?

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AvatarHaitong Yu answered 1 year ago

Hello there, 
I personally took physics 135 (now called physics 150) during the spring semester of my freshman year and physics 235 (now called physics 250) during the fall semester of my junior year and I did fine in both of the classes. So I would personally say that it is totally okay to take physics 1 and 2 nonconsecutively. There is not too much content overall lap between the two (unlike orgo 1 and 2).  I also took MCDB310 with physics 2. I personally think it is a lot of work and I would recommend taking them at different times if possible just because of the amount of content you have to deal with (plus, the tests of the two classes always end up being in the same week). If you are free during the spring or summer semester, it is definitely feasible to just take physics 250 then. Another thing is that MCDB310 is highly relevant for the MCAT so I would suggest taking it right before you are going to prepare for the MCAT.
I hope this is helpful and please feel free to drop in during our virtual office hours!  
PMH Haitong

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