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AvatarMadison asked 3 months ago

I am majoring in neuroscience and am taking Physics 150/151 right now. I planned on taking Physics 250/251 in the spring. What are your thoughts on this? I believe both are required as a premed/neuroscience. HOWEVER, I heard that physics 290 may be an easier option… ???

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AvatarJaveria answered 2 months ago

Thanks for your question! 
If you’ve taken Physics 150/151 before and are comfortable with its structure and content, then I would recommend you take Physics 250/251. I took it last winter semester and found it to be very similar in terms of structure – studio assignments, homework assignments, lecture quizzes, and exams. Plus, most medical schools require one year of physics with one year of laboratory experience. While you could take the 251 lab with Physics 290, keep in mind that 250 and 251 go hand in hand, so taking both courses will make it easier for you to perform the labs in 251. Furthermore, since Physics 290 is only offered in the winter, it can limit your scheduling options. 
Also, as Physics 250/251 is more catered to pre-med students, it does contain content that can help with the MCAT. So, if you are thinking about taking the MCAT anytime soon, it would be an option to consider! 
Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions by attending drop-in advising hours or just replying to this thread! 
Best of luck, 
Javeria (PMH Advisor) 

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