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Is it required to take calc before these classes? It really does not fit into my schedule and I was curious as my major advisor did not mention that I would have to take calc, nor did any other general advisor. Thanks in advance.

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AvatarArjun Batra answered 1 year ago

Hi there! Thanks for your question!
It is not required to take calculus for these physics classes, though according to the course guide it is “advisory.” In my own experience taking Physics 1, I did not have to use too many of the principles I learned in my previous calc classes (in high school or in Math 115); you just need some knowledge of how to interpret graphs of waves and parabolas, especially for the lab portion. I can’t recall any time where I used integrals or derivatives for Physics 1. 
You should be okay without calculus. It’s more important to have a stronger understanding of algebra and being able to utilize various formulas. 
Arjun, PMH Advisor

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