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AvatarJenny asked 3 years ago

Is this too much/will I have no social life? I keep on getting conflicting answers and would like to know if taking these classes together is too much. I know Psych 250 is lower course load but Econ 402 is considered relatively tough.

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AvatarAnni answered 3 years ago

Hi Jenny! 
This is going to be rough. Econ 402, as told by a close friend of mine, is like a blackhole because it’s all-consuming. I would definitely advise splitting these classes up. If you’re planning on taking both physics and chem labs, you should be okay on credits with this schedule and no econ. I would really prioritize Orgo II since it’s pretty important for biochem and requires a lot of practice. Orgo II lab at Michigan is a big step up from Orgo I lab, so it’s also not something to dismiss. It takes up more of your time each week than you expect it to. 
Good luck!
Anni (advisor)

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