Pre-Med Q&APhysics 135 + lab and Chem 210 + lab for spring?
Avatarplease help! thank you :) asked 3 years ago

Hi! Would this combo be doable for spring semester or too much?
Also, would it be worth it for me to wait to take physics 135 in the fall with Mike Melnichuk instead of Wayne Lau in the spring. Or is the difference negligible. 
An indecisive premed

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AvatarKaran answered 3 years ago

I don’t know much about the difference in professor quality for Physics 135, but I am sure it is negligible. Physics + Lab and Orgo1 + Lab could be quite a bit to handle during the spring semester. You would be responsible for 2 2hour labs for Physics and 2 3hour labs for Chem each week on top of the lectures. My recommendation (if you are set on taking both Physics and Orgo) is to just take the lecture components of each in the spring term and the labs later. These should keep you very busy but with good discipline I am sure you can excel at either. If you are not too behind on the pre-reqs then perhaps you could just take one of these with the lab. Feel free to drop into virtual office hours via Tidio (our chat service) if you have any other questions. Good luck!
Karan Joseph, Co-President

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