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AvatarHyejin Lee asked 2 weeks ago

What would be the difference in 135 and 150? I see both are fundamental physics for life sciences. Would 150 also go under premed? 

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AvatarPre-Med Hub Staff answered 1 week ago

Hi Hyejin! 
Thanks for your question! 
Physics 135 is no longer offered by the university. Rather, it has been updated to Physics 150, which is specifically designed for pre-medical students. This course is a popular choice for most students on the pre-med route because it not only focuses on physics concepts but also incorporates medical applications of these concepts. I have taken the course and I found it to be a manageable class. The workload consists of weekly homework assignments, four exams, studio assignments, and lecture quizzes. The course structure provides additional opportunities for students to earn points besides just exams, helping to buffer the overall grade. 
Feel free to respond to this post or attend drop-in advising hours if you have any more questions regarding the course! 
Best of luck, 
Javeria (PMH advisor) 

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