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AvatarI. asked 2 years ago

Classes I still need before MCAT are PCHEM230, Physics235/236, and BIOCHEM. I plan to fit these in junior year, and ideally be able to prep for mcat during winter or summer. How should I make combinations of these courses to take? Is PCHEM+Physics2 w/lab doable? Would Biochem + physics2 w/lab first semester and solely pchem230 2nd semester maybe be a better choice? Should I try to fit 226 w/ PChem or do it senior year? 

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AvatarSydney answered 2 years ago

Hello – 
I would like to preface this response with noting that you do not need Chem 230 before the MCAT. If you are able to take it prior to the MCAT, that is great, but it is not necessary as the chemistry on the MCAT consists of general chemistry and a bit of organic chemistry. I, personally, did not take PChem prior to my MCAT, and I did not feel that it was detrimental at all. I was able to effectively self study for the gen chem portion of the exam. Beyond that, it is generally recommended to take 2 hard science courses at a time, so any combination of courses listed would be reasonable within one semester. My best recommendation for MCAT preparation would be biochemistry and physics 2 as these courses both cover important topics for the exam. In my opinion, biochemistry is the most important course for the MCAT, so be sure to take this course during a term when you are able to give it adequate attention.
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Sydney, PMH Marketing & Outreach Manager

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