AvatarAnonymous asked 2 years ago

I’m trying to figure out my schedule for next semester. I’m set on taking STATS 250 but I also thought about taking CHEM 230 as well. Does this seem doable? I’ve also thought of taking BIO 272 and Stats together. 

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AvatarSara answered 2 years ago

Hi!  Taking CHEM 230 with STATS 250 is definitely doable, as long as your other classes are a bit lighter. CHEM 230 is known to be a hard class, especially when it comes to exams, so that can take up a large part of study time. STATS 250 is usually known to be an ‘easier’ class, which will make it a good class to take at the same time as CHEM 230. As for BIO 272, you could also choose to take that instead of STATS 250. BIO 272 requires memorization of cellular pathways and functions for the exams, which might also take up a big part of study time. It is also a bit tougher than the other intro bio classes in terms of exams, but the workload is manageable for the most part. If you have other questions about scheduling or anything else in general, feel free to join our Zoom advising hours every Sunday-Wednesday from 6 pm-10 pm! Best,  Sara, PMH Advisor 

AvatarAmina Cheema answered 2 years ago

Hello, I was planning on taking  STATS 250 this coming spring. But I heard a lot about stats 250 being terrible and very hard and people recommending taking it at a community college. Now obviously I don’t want to do that but I am just scared that I will end up failing it like everyone is saying it. How hard do you think it is in sense of workload and trying to understand the concepts especially if I am taking it in summer? 
i have taken calc one and 2 in the past and I don’t really have to take this class but it is one of the classes recommended as a prereq. 

AvatarLakshmi answered 2 years ago

Hi Amina,
I took STATS 250 and it can be a challenging class, but it is definitely manageable if you put in the work, get help when needed, and stay on top of the assignments. When I took the class, there were a various forms of help available, especially GSI office hours. I would note that taking it in the Summer term may make the class more challenging, since it’s a half term and the course will move at a faster pace. However, if you are only taking this class and will have the time needed to dedicate to it, it’s definitely doable and you can get a good grade! That being said, if taking it at a community college seems like a better option for you (financially and academically), you can definitely do that as long as the course transfers to UMich. 
I hope this helps!
Lakshmi, PMH Advisor

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