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I came into UMich with full AP Credits. I heard at other schools, students typically use this credit and then just take orgo and biochem and self study the rest. Could I do this or do I have to take Pchem?

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AvatarDiamond Johnson answered 7 months ago

I hope you are doing well! Typically, high school AP Credits covers your requirement for general chemistry (CHEM 130) which allows for you to go right into Organic Chem and Biochem. However, at UMich, AP Chem credit only covers one-semester of two-semester inorganic chemistry requirement. So, if you are planning to attend medical school, CHEM 230 is intended to fulfill the second-semester of the two-semester inorganic chemistry requirement. Though, if you are planning to take more than 4 semesters of chemistry courses (e.g. if you plan on majoring in Chemistry), it is recommended to take either CHEM 260, CHEM 241, or CHEM 242 instead, because you will not be able to receive credit for both CHEM 230 and one of these other required courses for the Chemistry major.
I hope this helped, feel free to reach out with any further questions via Q&A or drop in advising hours!
Diamond Johnson, PMH Advisor

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