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AvatarBree asked 8 months ago

The second PCHEM exam is next week and I’m struggling to study for this class. The PREP problems are so much harder than any quiz/hw that I’ve done. Do you have any tips on how to study for this exam and do better on the PREP? Also, do you have any YouTube vid recommendations that are good resources for PCHEM material?

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AvatarTaylor answered 8 months ago

Hi Bree!
I totally understand that studying for PChem can be overwhelming and a different way of thinking than you may be used to. From what I remember when I took this course, a lot of the concepts in PChem overlap with concepts you might have already been exposed to in general chemistry, and it is really helpful to have a good solid understanding of those concepts before you’re ready to tackle the PREP problems. The lectures should give you a solid basis, and if something isn’t clear you can probably review the general concept using organic chemistry tutor on youtube or by asking your professor. Don’t spend too long on this however, as PREP is definitely your best resource. 
Unfortunately, the PREP problems are pretty specific so it might be difficult to find resources online to help with solving them. Some general strategies I recommend to approaching PREP are to write down all the relevant equations/information you think you may need at the start of a problem; this will get your brain active and at least give you a start in which direction you can go. Another strategy if you are really lost is to try to use unit manipulation to get to the final answer. If possible, working with other people in the class/ attending office hours is best, but another option if that isn’t available to you is to use Piazza. Usually, someone will have already asked about a problem and you can troubleshoot from there. Also don’t be afraid to post in Piazza if you are lost! Try to post sooner rather than later to give your professors/GSI’s/other students enough time to answer you. 
I hope this answer helped! Feel free to drop by advising hours if you have any more questions. 

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