AvatarAnon asked 4 weeks ago

Hello!  I wanted to ask if anyone had any recommendations on whether to take Chem 230 or 260? I have heard mixed answers, but I can\’t remember the difference between the two in terms of class style.  Additionally, if you have taken Pchem, what other science class would you recommend pairing it with?  Thank you!

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AvatarArchita Girmannagari answered 2 weeks ago

Chem 230 is more chemistry heavy and is more aligned with MCAT content. The class follows a flipped class structure meaning that you would watch videos at home and do team-based problems during class-time. If you are looking to get prepared for the MCAT, this class would definitely be helpful. 
Chem 260 is more math based and teaches quantum. Most of the grade is composed of exams for which you can use notecards. Chem 260 is less aligned with the MCAT.
In terms of what other science class you should take with pchem, it ultimately depends on what type of learner you are! However, I would recommend taking Biology 225 since pchem is more math based while bio is more memorization based. 
I hope this helps! Good luck with scheduling

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