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Avataralmost-sophomore asked 2 years ago

Hi! The spring semester is going to be over this week and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna finish with an A- in my 8 credit intensive language class (the class that wraps up my language requirement). We haven’t had our final yet but I’m sitting at a 92.14% rn and even if I get a 100 on the final my grade won’t be an A. This class has it so only a 93 or above is an A so I’ll be close but I won’t make it. I’m really bummed but in an effort to be positive and move on I’m asking for advice. Do you think I should convert my A- to a pass / fail with the Covid grading policy? I’ve just finished my first year at umich and this will be my first A- so I’m nervous about having it impact my GPA. Any suggestions? How will this impact my future med school prospects?

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AvatarNick Pfeifer answered 2 years ago

Hi! As a pre-med student, the pressure of comparing yourself to the so-to-say necessary standards of med school, like getting all As, can get overwhelming, so I understand your concern. Ultimately, it is your choice whether you want to switch it to a pass/fail or not, but I think keeping it at the A- will be just fine. You still have 3 years of courses left, so this will not destroy your GPA whatsoever. Even if it were a science course, an A- is still a great grade, especially for an 8-credit intensive course—be proud of it!

As a note of comfort, med schools like to see resilience. For example, say you were to get a C in a science course: it may be disappointing at first but following it with improvement would highlight your resilience and determination. I can assure you this will not impact your future med school prospects in any way. Med school is a holistic application and GPA is only the first step in the process. After that, your story and the way you showcase your unique qualities and path to med school is what will matter most. Like I said above, the anxiety surrounding aspects of applying to med school can be overbearing at times, but it’s a very long and comprehensive road, so I would say don’t fret about an A- versus A.

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