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AvatarMadison Miller asked 2 years ago

I am currently a junior and I am in search of paid summer pre med opportunities. I was wondering if anyone has experiences or have heard of other opportunities?

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AvatarCaitlin Alindogan answered 2 years ago

Hey Madison,
Please take a look at our blog post here for ideas about what to do in the summer, particularly under “Working” and “Research.”
Additionally, here is a previously answered question about summer clinical experiences.
Aside from working as a scribe, researcher, or tutor, you could also obtain clinical hours over break by working as a phlebotomist, nurse assistant, medical assistant, EMT, doula, medical interpreter/translator, or home health-taker (there are many more possibilities, but these are some). To work in these positions, you may need to be certified beforehand. Some community colleges offer courses for CNA, MA, and EMT positions. 

  • Many pre-med clubs (such as AMSA) offer opportunities to take a phlebotomy course.
  • Washtenaw Community College offers some coursework if you are staying in AA for a summer and need something to do.

As for specific opportunities, check out these links to find current job openings:
Good luck with everything and let us know if you have any followup questions!
Caitlin, PMH Advisor

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