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AvatarZeran asked 3 years ago

Is it okay to take only the lectures of Chem215 and Physics 135 without the labs and take the labs later semester? Would the lack of lab knowledge make it harder to master the lecture material? I can’t fit all in and was wondering if it is also okay to take chem216 before taking chem215? Would that be difficult? 

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AvatarCaitlin Alindogan answered 3 years ago

Hey Zeran,
For Chem 216, the lab material did not coincide with the lecture (215) very much, so it would be totally fine to take 216 afterwards. However, according to LSA Course Guide it isn’t advised to take 216 before 215. It will be difficult to take the lab without taking the class beforehand.
For Physics 136, some of the labs deepened my understanding of lecture (135) topics, so I found it helpful to take 135 and 136 at the same time. However, if you review the lecture slides and do the practice exams for 135 you should be just fine.
I would try to fit in 136 this semester if you can, and hold off 216 for next semester. If you take 135 and 136 together, 136 will be easier because the lecture content will be fresher, and it’ll be easier to complete the labs.
Let us know if you have further questions!
PMH Advisor

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