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I plan on taking Orgo 1 and lab for fall semester sophomore year. I also plan on taking on physics but am not sure when would be a good time to take it. Would it be better to take Orgo 1 and lab, physics 135 and lab, and a relatively easy class (repeat for second semester with orgo 2 and physics 2) or maybe stagger it so I take Orgo 2 and lab with physics 1? Any thoughts on when it is a good time to take physics? Thanks!

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Hi there!

This really depends on your familiarity with both of these subjects. For example, if you are just learning about organic chemistry for the first time in this class, it might take up more of your time and attention. There are also merits to both combinations you mentioned:

  1. Chem 210 is generally (not necessarily for everyone) considered to be a little more difficult than Chem 215. On the other hand, Physics 135 has traditionally been considered a relatively easier pre-med class. Therefore, putting these together (and Chem 215 + Physics 235) could work out well.
  2. If you’re just starting out with both organic chem and physics without some prior knowledge, it might be more difficult to fully focus your attention on both classes. Therefore, staggering the two (taking Physics 135 with Chem 215 instead of 210) might work out better.

When figuring out which pre-med classes to take in combination, it really ends up being relative to your learning styles. This can also affect the order of classes you take later, which may in turn influence factors like when you take your MCAT. This is where planning your schedule out with other pre-med classes in mind might come in handy (as a side note, if you would like to attend our advising hours to create a tentative four-year plan, feel free to do so!).

As a personal anecdote, I took Physics 135 and Chem 215 together, which I thought was a good combination because I felt like I had a better grasp of organic chemistry before starting off with physics. However, as mentioned earlier, Physics 135 is generally viewed as a class that can be combined with a number of relatively more difficult pre-med classes.


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