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I’m currently in orgo 1 this semester, but I want to take biochem before I take the mcat next summer. I know that orgo 2 is not high yield, but it’s an advisory prereq for biochem. I was just wondering if it’s possible to not take orgo 1 and 2 consecutively and do well, and if orgo 2 is necessary for biochem.

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AvatarLakshmi answered 1 year ago

Although Orgo 2 is an advisory pre-requisite for Biochemistry (specifically MCDB 310), I know many individuals who have taken both Chem 215 and MCDB 310 together and have done well in both classes. MCDB 310 relies on some Orgo 2 knowledge, specifically about functional groups and basic mechanisms, so I would recommend taking both together, or taking Chem 215 prior to Biochemistry. It is possible to not take Orgo 1 and 2 consecutively, but I would advise you to have a small break between both classes if you aren’t able to take them right after each other. Orgo 2 is mainly focused on mechanisms, and is based on the foundation that Orgo 1 sets you up with. Biochemistry is largely memorization heavy, while Orgo 2 is the opposite and more application based, so I think these two classes pair well together. I would recommend taking a lower course load if you choose to take these two classes together, since they both require a lot of time studying outside of class. Biochemistry is a large portion of the MCAT, so taking this class close to your test date will help you immensely. Taking Orgo 2 prior to your MCAT would also help familiarize yourself with the content/questions that show up on the Chem/Phys section, since some of them rely on reaction mechanisms that Orgo 2 introduces you to.
I hope this helps! If you have any further questions, feel free to stop by our advising hours every Sunday – Wednesday from 6-10pm.
Lakshmi, PMH Co-President

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