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Orgo 2 lab (CHEM 216) doesn’t fit in my schedule so I’ll be taking just the orgo 2 lecture without lab in the fall. CHEM 216 is also not required for my major, so I was wondering if I should take it at all? Do med schools want to see it or something?

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AvatarPre-Med Hub Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Jessica,


While you don’t need to take Orgo 2 at the same time as the lab, medical schools do like to see that you have at least 2 semesters of “upper level” chemistry lab experience. If you have a few target schools in mind, I would recommend checking out their websites to look at their minimum course requirements as well. Emailing medical school representatives is also a great way to get more precise information on your top schools’ requirements and recommendations.


Hope you found that helpful! Also I just wanted to let you know that a few pre-med hub advisors will be in the chem building this Thursday (4/5) from 2 to 4pm. If you have any lingering questions, feel free to stop by!


– Daphne Samuel, PMH Board

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