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I recently just finished CHEM210 with a C+ and was wondering if I should retake the class? In addition, if I retook the class, would that replace my grade from this semester?    I also had a question regarding my schedule for next semester. I am not sure if I should continue on with CHEM215 given my performance this semester with CHEM210 but this is an idea of what I had for my schedule and was wondering if anyone would be able to make a recommendation or suggestion as to the balance of my schedule? CHEM 215/216 PHYSICS 135/136 1 or 2 humanities

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First of all, I would suggest that you take some time to evaluate why you were unable to do well in the class, and if you feel you can do better in the future. You should also meet with a prehealth advisor to discuss this. It is possible to come back from a C in Orgo Chem for premed students but if switching pathways is the best option for you, it is better to realize that earlier than later.
If you do choose to continue:
Considering the unique situation this semester with COVID19, I would suggest converting your grade into P/F. Normally, I would not suggest this, because P/F is usually viewed as equivalent to a C range grade by medical schools. However, during COVID P/F may look better than a C+. Then I would suggest retaking Chemistry 210. Your initial grade wouldn’t be overlooked but you would be proving your orgo chem competency.If you do not want to retake Chem 210, you could also put in the CHEM 210 letter grade, and if you have a much stronger performance in Chem 215, this could also serve as a way of demonstrating your competence in Organic Chemistry.
As far as your schedule goes I would suggest taking it easy for now. If you do choose to take Chem 215, you should focus on doing well in that course. Maybe take Chem 215/216, Physics 135/136, and only one humanities class. I would also suggest looking at the exam schedules for all of these classes and checking for any exam overlap and considering if this makes it more difficult for you. Also, please check out our COVID19 Changes blog to see how these classes will likely be taught during COVID19.
I really hope this helps! Feel free to leave a reply if you have a follow-up question.
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