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AvatarI. asked 2 years ago

Hi! I am taking 17 credits this semester, 8 of those is premed prereqs and 9 are from 2 honors core classes and 1 minicredit. I don\’t feel like I can pull 2 As in the honors core classes if I want to do well in the premed reqs too. I am not sure how med schools would perceive 2 pass/fails in 2 honors core classes (NS and ID distribution). I took them because they seemed interesting but also meet my honors requirements and for an academic award SHA. I don\’t think I would end up doing below a B in those classes maybe A-, but if I don\’t get As they would hurt my gpa. Any advice?

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AvatarIsabel Murray answered 2 years ago

Hello! Thanks for reaching out to PMH 🙂
This is a great question. Taking 17 credits is certainly a big load and I know navigating the pass/fail guidelines can be difficult.
I would recommend taking all your classes and waiting for final grades to be posted. Once final grades are posted, you can meet with a Newnan pre-health advisor to discuss if converting one or both of your honors class grades to Pass may benefit you. If you end up earning A-/B+s in your honors classes, this may look better than a Pass, even if it lowers your GPA. The pre-health advisor will be able to look at your undergraduate record and career goals holistically and make a plan with you. 
From a medical school admissions perspective, P/F courses are more likely to be accepted during COVID and admissions committees are general more sensitive of class struggles during online classes. That being said, you want to be thoughtful about your decision to convert to pass/fail to avoid any consequences, so definitely meet with an advisor once you get those grades!
Here are some FAQs about the W21 grading policy:,(Winter%202021%20term%20grades). It is important to note that you have 6 months after the term ends to choose whether or not to convert a grade to Pass! 
As always, feel free to drop into our Zoom office hours if you want to talk more about your classes this semester. Newnan Pre-Health advisors also hold office hours multiple times a week!
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