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AvatarHiba Abdulhadi asked 4 years ago

I am majoring in Neauroscience and I am going into medical field. I was wondering, do have to have patient hours in order for me to get into medical school? I did volunteer at a hospital for 2 years, I am working as a pharmacy technician now, and am doing a research this year. Should I apply for another job in the summer to have some patient hours?

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AvatarJudy Huynh answered 4 years ago

Hi Hiba!
No, you do not need it, but medical schools love it when you do have patient interaction. It depends on what you do as a pharmacy technician, but patient interaction requires you to directly talk or work with the patient. I would look at a few of the medical schools you want to apply to and see if they have required number of hours for clinical experience/ patient interaction. Volunteering at the hospital does counts as clinical experience. 
Come in to advising hours with any other questions!
-Judy PMH Advisor 

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