Avataranonymous asked 2 years ago

Would Bio 207 and Chem 210/215 be a good course load? I’m not too sure of Bio 207 exams and workload.

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AvatarOwen Doane answered 2 years ago

I’ll refer you to this question that Haniyeh, one of our advisors who took Bio 207, has answered regarding the rigor of that class. If you are able to pair Orgo 1 or Orgo 2 and Bio 207 with two other relatively lighter workload classes, I see no problem with that. Generally, we like to advise people to take 2 STEM classes per semester if possible, so one of the Orgos and Bio 207 should be just fine as long as your other classes allow you to dedicate most of your study time to those two classes. Any of our advisors would be happy to help you plan out your specific semester in our drop-in office hours!
Owen, PMH Co-President

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