AvatarBree asked 5 months ago

I’m Interested in registering for the microbiology course (MICRBIOL 405). I know it has multiple professors for the course but I haven’t seen much about the class. What was your experience like taking the course? Also, do you recommend taking the class with BIO 225/226? 

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AvatarTaylor answered 5 months ago

Hi Bree,    Apologies for the late response!   Unfortunately I do not have direct experience taking MICRBIOL 405 but it seems to have a low workload on Atlas and the primary instructor also seems to have good ratings. I am not sure how the course is divided with multiple professors but it looks like the other instructors who teach in the winter semester have lower clarity ratings. Here\’s a link to the course\’s Atlas profile if you\’d like to see the exact ratings: https://atlas.ai.umich.edu/course/MICRBIOL405/. Keep in mind that grading for this course is based entirely on 4 exams and the lectures are not recorded.  BIO 225 does have more flexibility in that lectures are recorded though grading is also based on 4 exams. The exams are multiple choice and the class does offer extra credit points I believe. I\’ve never personally taken this course but I\’ve heard that it is more manageable of the pre-med classes. I have taken BIO 226 which was an easier lab in my experience as compared to other labs. One thing I really appreciated about 226 was that there were no lab reports and basically all work was done in class so it was nice not to think about it outside of class time.    I hope this helps! Please feel free to come to office hours 6-10 PM from Sundays-Wednesdays if you have any more questions or respond in our Q&A.    -Taylor, PMH Advisor 

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