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AvatarAlice Zhang asked 4 years ago

When looking at med school requirements, it seems like all require 1 year of biology + lab. I came in with AP bio and did BIO 173 and BIO 225. I was under the impression that I still needed to do one more bio lecture and bio lab. But now that I think about it, it seems like I’ve already completed 1 year of biology lecture and lab with my APs and 173. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to take more lab and lecture, but since I’m an engineering major the fewer the classes the better.
So, can someone clarify this situation? Thanks!

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AvatarOwen Doane answered 4 years ago

Hi Alice – thanks for your question! Yes, almost all medical schools that have requirements do require 2 semesters of biology + lab. Since you have credit for Biology 195 (AP) and you’ve done 173 and 225, you would¬†technically need to only complete one more lab course. However, many medical schools do state that if you are using AP credits for biology requirements, they prefer to see you take additional upper level biology classes. Some pre-med students fulfill this by taking Bio 225, which you’ve already done, and Bio 305 (Genetics), along with a biology-related lab (Bio 226, MCDB 306, MCDB 423/4, etc.). There are many other upper level biology classes to explore, though, so take a look at the course guide to see if anything strikes your interest!
Another piece of advice is to take a look at some select schools you are interested in to see what their specific biology requirements are, if they prefer upper level courses in addition to AP credit, and don’t be afraid to call the admissions office to get some clarification!
Hope this helps! -Owen, PMH Advisor

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