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AvatarGrace asked 3 weeks ago

I’m a second-semester freshman trying to figure out what pre-med classes to take next year. Currently, my FALL23 semester looks like CHEM210/211, SOC 100, FRENCH 232, and PSYCH 280. Then, my WN24 semester would be CHEM 215/216, FRENCH 235, PSYCH 240, and MCDB 310… is my winter semester going to be too awful with CHEM 215 at the same time as MCDB 310? I want to study abroad winter semester of junior year and I feel like it would be worse to take MCDB 310 and CHEM 230 at the same time fall of junior year.  What should I do? MCDB with Orgo 2, with P-Chem, or cancel my study abroad plans and just spread out the courses to save my GPA?

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AvatarBushra answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Grace, 
I hope all is well! I want to preface this by saying that everyone has different styles of learning and preferences and although these classes sound scary, you can definitely do it! I love the idea of studying abroad and I truly think that it sounds like you are very passionate about so it would be amazing for you if that would be possible. I am currently in MCDB 310 and know a lot of people taking it with Chem 215 and it doesn’t seem too bad for them. On the other hand, I would definitely not recommend taking MCDB 310 with P-chem as I’ve only heard horrible things. My recommendation would be to take MCDB 310 with Chem 215 alongside very easy classes that aren’t super content-heavy as these two classes definitely are. Then take PChem fall semester of your junior year and hopefully you’ll be able to go on a study abroad during the winter semester of your junior year. I would also recommend basing your decision off of how well you do in Orgo 1. Another option to consider would be to take a course over the spring/summer semesters to take off the pressure. Hope this helps. You can always stop by during office hours to discuss more! 
Bushra (PMH advisor)

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