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AvatarViraj asked 1 year ago

Is it absolutely necessary to take biochem before taking this class? I’m an MCDB major and MCDB 423 fits perfectly into my schedule this semester so I’d really like to take it. I’m taking Bio 225 and Biochem concurrently with this class. 

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AvatarHaitong Yu answered 1 year ago

Hello Viraj, 
According to the LSA course guide, the only enforced prerequisite for the class is bio173. I think it is okay for you to take this class without biochem. The only thing that you might want to think about while you are building your schedule is that you have three STEM classes in one semester and we usually do not recommend taking more than two STEM classes. Besides that, if you think you can handle three STEM classes together, you can go for it. If you have further concerns or questions, feel free to come to our virtual office hours. I hope this is somewhat helpful.
PMH Haitong

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