Hi! I’m trying to decide about which major would be the best for a pre-med student. There are so many “biology” majors to choose from, will one look better to med schools than another?


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AvatarPre-Med Hub Staff answered 5 years ago

Hey Rebecca! Thanks for your question, yeah there are a TON of science majors to choose from. But medical schools really only care if you get your required courses done. You could be an art history major if you wanted, get all your pre-med courses done, and you would be completely fine. If you are looking to make your life a little easier and take courses for your major that would also count towards your premed credits, then neuroscience, or biological sciences are two really good options. Bottom line though: choose a major in what you’re passionate in, and if it happens to coincide with pre-med courses awesome, if not, you’d just be taking a few extra credits per semester. Hope that helps!


– Daphne

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