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AvatarJoshua Stephan Bauman asked 1 year ago

Hey Pre-Med Hub,
I’m currently a senior MCDB major and I’m planning to take a gap year and thus apply in the 2022 cycle. I’ve just realized that I’ve completed all the recommended pre-health coursework and only need to take about 6 credits during my final semester of classes to finish my major. I’ve already taken the MCAT, so I plan to focus more on volunteering and extracurriculars, as well as getting a head start on applications, with this extra time. Is there any reason I shouldn’t do this? I.e. are there schools out there that look for full credit loads all 4 years of undergrad? 
Thanks so much.

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AvatarPre-Med Hub Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Josh,
Thanks for your question! Medical schools like to see that you are able to handle a rigorous schedule throughout your college career. There are many reasons why people may opt for a lower course load though such as personal reasons, dedicating more time to a project such as a thesis, or having a heavy load of extracurriculars. I think that it is okay for you to take a low load for your last semester. Medical schools will not look down upon it as long as it is not a recurring theme that you have taken low course loads consistently and you are able to do well in your classes in general. If you have demonstrated that you are able to handle a rigorous schedule in the past semesters you have been here and you do no have any other reasons to take additional classes (such as raising BCMP GPA or cumulative GPA), then I think using your additional time for extracurriculars and your application is a great idea.
Hope that helps! If you have any additional questions or want to talk more on this subject, feel free to post another question or visit us at advising hours!
Selina, PMH Advisor

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