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AvatarI. asked 3 years ago

Would 13 credits be frowned upon for premed courseload? Right now I am in a premed course #2 where I did not do well in #1(below average), and so far do not have a good feeling about it. Since this semester dropping does not have a “W”, I thought it might be a good idea to take it once and then drop if performance is bad, but that would leave me with 13 credits. I do not think adding another course would be manageable time-wise if I am still enrolled in this class, and I do not really think switching it with another class and taking it later will improve my performance in this class at all. Looking for advice, and whether I should do the P/F option. I want to demonstrate competency in this subject so I do not know if that is a good idea. 

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AvatarJudy answered 3 years ago

Medical schools won’t care if you’re at 13 credits-what’s more important is doing well in your classes so if you feel like you need to drop the class, do it! The number of credits doesn’t matter because some students have a lighter load for various reasons such as having time to study for the MCAT or taking a really difficult class. I wouldn’t worry about it unless you are consistently taking 13 credits and only taking easy classes which won’t be the case because you have to take your pre-med reqs. Hope this helps 🙂
Judy (E-board advisor) 

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