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AvatarAnonymous asked 2 years ago

I am a rising junior, and I have gotten involved with two clubs since freshman year. I do feel like I want to explore other interests in terms of student orgs, however. Is it worth it for me to join clubs at this point if I might not accumulate that many hours with them/get leadership? Or is my time better spent doing other things?

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AvatarAllison answered 2 years ago

It is definitely not too late to get involved in more student organizations. You can still have a meaningful experience even with just two years left. I would advise that you do what you are most interested in/excited about. If you really want to join a certain org, do it! Don\’t let being a junior stop you. It is more important for you to be involved in things you are passionate about, rather than just checking boxes, so that authenticity will come through in your medical school application and interviews. Let us know if you have any other questions!  Allison, PMH Advisor 

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