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AvatarHassan Chammout asked 10 months ago

Hello, I am a rising Senior, trying to get rid of some pre-reqs. I am currently enrolled in Chem 210/211, Bio 173, Bio 225 and a Humanities course. The humanities course is the least of my worries. I was just wondering if the first 4 courses aree too much work to get completed. I am just afraid of having an overflow of work, resulting in me to fall apart. Is this schedule too much, doable? Any advice for anyone that has done bio and chem together? Anything would help.

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AvatarCate answered 10 months ago

Hi Hassan, 
Thank you for your question! I know sometimes it can be overwhelming planning for the semester. 
In general, I would say that this is a pretty reasonable course load. 13-14 credits is a good range to be in if you are taking a STEM-heavy load. As a senior, you are probably a little more acclimated to the workload associated with STEM classes. Chem 210/211 will probably take up the majority of your time. However, if you go to office hours and discussion, it should be manageable. The 211 lab can be fairly time consuming, so that is something to keep in mind.
Biology 225 is a three credit course, and there is no homework or discussion. I found the class somewhat easier than the intro Biology sequence. There are four tests, and the final is not cumulative. Extra credit is offered on the tests. As long as you keep up with the material, people are generally successful. Biology 173 should be okay to take too if you are not taking Biology 226 with 225. 
To sum this up, I would just suggest that you make sure that the humanities class you are taking is not listed as having an extremely heavy course load on Atlas, because that can vary greatly in these courses. 
I hope this helped, if you still have questions feel free to reply to this response or post another one! 
-Cate, PMH President 

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