Pre-Med Q&ACategory: Summer ActivitiesIs there a difference between "patient interaction" and "clinical experience"?
AvatarJessica asked 4 years ago

And what are examples of each?

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AvatarPre-Med Hub Staff answered 4 years ago

Patient interaction experiences are ones in which you interact with the patient, meaning you directly talk to or work with a patient. Things that people often mistaken as patient interaction include shadowing and scribing (for example). Although shadowing and scribing fall under clinical experience, NEITHER count as patient interaction experience, since both are passive ways to be around patients. Although you may get a chance to briefly speak with a patient while you shadow or scribe, neither position is meant for extensive interaction with patients.

Now that we’ve talked about what patient interaction is not, let’s talk about what patient interaction experiences are. Examples of what 1) volunteer positions in which you visit in-patient rooms to keep patients company, 2) library cart, such as through the volunteer program at UM hospital, 3) nurse assistant, 4) hospice, , 5) EMT, 6) and yoga instruction at a nursing home.

-Lindsay, PMH Advisor

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