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AvatarJadeyn Walman asked 4 years ago
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AvatarPre-Med Hub Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Jadeyn,
Thanks for asking this question. It is difficult to judge the quality of medical schools based solely on stats. Ross University’s median GPA and median MCAT seems to be lower than some top schools in the U.S. HOWEVER, this does not reflect the quality of their curriculum nor quality of the institution overall. Check out this article from U.S. News on the “Pros and Cons of Applying to Foreign Medical Schools”:
Additionally, some applicants find it useful to look at where students are matching for residency at a respective institution to judge it’s “quality”. Here’s a link for Ross’ residency match rates: Also, it looks like Ross University had a 94% USMLE Step 1 first-time pass rate (a very important exam you take in your second year of medical school to continue), which is impressive!
In the end, I want to loosely say that it doesn’t matter too much where you go to medical school. Your goal is to get an MD or a DO degree. Glancing over where Ross University graduates go, it looks like the go to a variety of places for residency, including some highly acknowledged institutions such as Tulane, Mount Sinai, Case Western/Cleveland Clinic, and UCLA to name a few. The quality of your medical school education is dependent on what YOU decide to do during medical school and how you decide to thrive and prosper among your peers.
Hope this helps!

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