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AvatarHello asked 2 years ago

PUBHLTH 311 is Introduction to Public Health Genetics. I am trying to decide between taking MICRBIOL 405 + MICRBIOL 350 or BIOLOGY 225 + BIOLOGY 226 for next fall. I know that BIOLOGY 225/226 is not advanced/upper level biology, so I am thinking of taking MICRBIOL 405/350 instead to fulfill the upper level biology for med schools. But is PUBHLTH 311 considered upper level biology because if it is, I would like to taken BIOLOGY 225/226 (I heard that physio class is better micro for MCAT studying, is this true?).   Thank you!!!

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AvatarHanin Elhagehassan answered 2 years ago

So to start, BIO 225/226 is actually considered an UL biology course according to the Newnan pre-health advising website. Many pre-med students take this course prior to taking the MCAT, but not all do. One of our advisors breaks it down here. In regards to Micro, it can be helpful on the MCAT, but is not necessary.
PUBHLTH 311 should count as an UL biology course as well for medical school, however it requires an extra verification step on AMCAS. Additionally, this is a useful document provided by another advisor.
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