Pre-Med Q&ACategory: MajorsIs neuroscience a good major to enter med school?
AvatarRyan Puterbaugh asked 4 years ago

Hi, I\’m a freshman this year and I was wondering if my intended major (neuroscience) is a good major to get into med school. I know that a lot of people use Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, but I was really interested in neuroscience because I was thinking that down the road I could go into special-needs pediatrics. I figured that a major based on how the brain works would be really good for this, but I also really don\’t know if that\’s a good plan. I\’m really mainly wondering if med schools look for candidates with neuroscience majors.
I appreciate your feedback 

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AvatarSydney answered 4 years ago

Hi Ryan!
Medical schools don’t prefer specific majors as long as you are completing the necessary requirements. That being said, neuroscience is a great major for a pre-med student who is interested in the brain and how it works. The classes you’d take as a neuroscience major will fulfill most if not all of the necessary med school prerequisites. Hope this helps!

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