Pre-Med Q&ACategory: Scheduling and ClassesIs Chem 215 + Physics 150/151 + Stats 250 + Language class too much?
Avataranon asked 7 months ago

I could omit stats but I’m wondering if these are all doable because I’d love to knock it out

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AvatarJaveria answered 7 months ago

Hello! Thanks for your question! 
The schedule you have listed above definitely seems doable. However, before making a decision, I would recommend thinking about the following. 
Chem 215 and Physics 150 are heavier classes and will require most of your time and effort to do well. Chem 215 follows the same structure as Chem 210 with the grade comprising of exams (I am sure you are aware of the structure of Chem 210), It is, arguably, considered slightly easier than 210 by a handful of students. In Physics 150, on the other hand, your grade is made up of HW assignments, exams, studio points, and lecture quizzes. This will provide you with a small safety net but it is still a course that requires you to put in a lot of work.  Therefore, I would recommend that you consider dropping Stats 250 (as you would already have your plate filled with Chem 215 and Physics 150/151) and it is advisable to only take two STEM classes per semester. In Stats 250, there are homework and lab assignments due each week and this can pile up on top of the workload of Chem 215 and Physics 150 .
You also need to take into account your previous success in language classes. How much do you struggle while learning a language? How easy is it for you to pick up a language and do well in a language class? If you have a hard time with language classes and are wanting to knock down some requirements, I would recommend replacing the language with a 3 credit humanities or social sciences class. Otherwise, it will be challenging for you to balance your workload with the two heavier STEM classes. 
If you need any more assistance or have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to respond to this post or hop on zoom during drop-in advising hours this week! 
I wish you the best of luck! 
-Javeria (PMH advisor) 

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