Pre-Med Q&ACategory: Scheduling and ClassesIs BIO 272 offered in the winter semesters?
Avataranonymous asked 3 months ago

I can’t decide whether to take MCDB 310 with BIOPHYS 150+151, or BIO 272 with BIOPHYS 150+151 for the fall semester. I am planning on taking my MCAT August 2024. 
Should I take MCDB 310 in Fall 2023 or Winter 2024, and should I take BIO 272 in Fall 2023 or Winter 2024? (I would be taking BIOPHYS 250+251 in Winter 2024 as well for context). For additional context for prereqs I’d have completed BIO 225, 173, STATS 250, and the orgo sequence by fall 2023. 
Which order would be possible (idk if BIO 272 is in winter 24) and more helpful for the MCAT? 
Thank you!

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AvatarCate answered 2 months ago

I hope you are doing well! I took Biology 272 last semester, and yes it is typically only offered in the Fall and taught by the same professors each time. 
Hope this helps! If you have other questions, feel free to attend our advising hours or respond to this post. 
-Cate, PMH Co-President

AvatarCate answered 2 months ago

One more thing–I will say that 272 would be helpful for the MCAT, but it would be very helpful to have biochem fresh in your mind for the MCAT. 272 has a lot of cell pathways that are relevant (and came up on my exam), while biochem is essentially guaranteed to make up at least half of the Bio questions on the MCAT. It might be best to take 272 this fall (because that is when it is offered) and then biochem in the winter. 

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