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AvatarH asked 2 years ago

I know a semester of inorganic chemistry lab is not required for all medical schools, but I wanted to know what courses would be good if I were to take one (any suggestions). 

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AvatarOwen Doane answered 2 years ago

Hi there!
Yes, you are correct that an additional semester of inorganic chem lab is not required for all medical schools. I know of a few Ivies and a couple midwestern medical schools that require an additional year of inorganic chemistry with lab, regardless of transfer credit for AP Chemistry. Most others either accept AP credit, or don’t have a strict requirement on inorganic chemistry classes and labs. That being said, here’s a list of the upper level inorganic chem labs that are offered, excluding the Gen Chem I lab (Chem 125 & 126):
Chem 242: Introduction to Chemical Analysis Laboratory (taken with Chem 241, 4 credits total)
Chem 246: Biomedical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory (taken with Chem 245 & 247, 4 credits total. This is the sequence that is  recommended by the Newnan advisors on their website)
Chem 462: Computational Chemistry Laboratory (taken with Chem 461, 4 credits total)
Hope that helps! Please feel free to follow up or stop by our advising hours on Zoom if you have any questions!
-Owen, PMH Co-President

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