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AvatarNikhil asked 4 years ago

How does one find a MCDB co sponsor for independent research credits? 

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AvatarLindsay answered 4 years ago

Hi Nikhil,
Sorry about the late response. I sense that this question is not directly pre-Med oriented, so it might be a question better suited for an MCDB department advisor. Please try contacting Ms. Kimberly Paul; her contact can be found here. Also, I’m not entirely sure by your wording, in that I have seen “co-sponsor” mean the MCDB faculty that signs off as overseeing your MCDB 300 credit OR the non-MCDB faculty that you want to do research under. Either way, I think an MCDB advisor would be better suited to answer your question than Pre-Med Hub since this is specific to a department.
While you are here, I can say that I have experience with independent research credit through the BIOPHYS department, and I can tell you that I was responsible for finding a research mentor to guide my research. I happened to have taken a course from a BIOPHYS faculty member before, so he was willing to serve as (what I call) my co-sponsor for BIOPHYS 300. It may be possible for the MCDB department to help you find a faculty member willing to co-sponsor research you do with someone else if you haven’t taken an MCDB course yet and don’t know an MCDB faculty member already. I’m not sure about this though, so it is definitely worth contact the MCDB department to ask in case they can help 🙂
In the meanwhile, maybe it will help to check out the MCDB department’s list of Research Mentors here.
Hope this helped!
Lindsay (PMH Co-Pres)

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