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AvatarAnkita asked 1 year ago

Hi! I have been super inefficient with studying for this class. I tend to study and memorize a lecture a day and active recall every day but I get so drained by exam day. Any advice on how to study for memorization based classes since finals are coming up 

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AvatarCate answered 1 year ago

Hi Ankita!
Thanks for your question! I am also in Bio 225 right now. I definitely can relate to some of that burnout that comes with memorization based classes.
To begin my studying, I usually first fill out the study guide provided on canvas. This usually means directly writing the answers to the questions down from my notes, but it helps refamiliarize me with concepts. The key here is actually practicing active recall, and not just subconsciously copying down what is written in the powerpoints. This usually takes the entire first day of my studying. 
Next, I will start day two by reviewing the slides once more and quickly looking over the slides. I’ll focus on words in diagrams that I might not have picked up on before, and I make stars next to concepts that I might still iffy on. At this point, I will go on Piazza to see if someone has asked similar questions to ones I have, or I might ask myself. I also have two other people I know in this class, so usually once we have all reviewed the material at least once we will meet up to talk about it and try to explain concepts to each other. 
Then, I will take the practice exam and do all the practice questions. If there are questions I get wrong or don’t know, I review these sections of the notes. I also attend the review sessions right before the test–they usually provide some clues as to what will be emphasized on the exams. 
I hope this helps, and good luck on the final two exams!

-Cate, PMH Advisor

AvatarCate answered 1 year ago

Also, here is a link to a recent blogpost about studying for exams after Covid!

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