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Avataranon asked 2 years ago

hi, i was wondering if someone could talk about the best ways to study for mcdb 310?

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AvatarHaitong answered 2 years ago

Thank you for asking the question! I hope finals and wrapping up with fall 2020 is going well for you. I have just taken MCDB 310 this past semester and I have not gotten my grade back yet, but I think I can provide some insight on how to succeed in this class. First, I would say it is important to watch one lecture two times. I usually do it the first time by writing notes on the slides and on the second time, jot down the important points from the lecture and write a summary for each lecture.  I would warn you that there is a lot of content covered for each lecture (averaging about 50 slides per lecture). So prepare yourself for spending a decent amount of time in this class. Second, start the project early. There are four projects for the class (at least this semester) usually right after an exam except project 4. It would be great if you can get started on them early so you can go to office hours in advance. Third, specifically for exam preparation, I found drawing out diagrams and flow charts for all of the mechanisms have been helpful for me to understand them. Also, start your cell map early! Try to fill up your cell map as you go along the course. It would be a great review for you and it also takes away some stress instead of trying to do all of it at the end of the semester. 
I hope it helps you a little! Again, if you have any more detailed questions about the class, feel free to drop by our drop-in advising hours which will resume operation once school starts Monday through Wednesday 6 pm-10 pm EST. Happy early holidays! 
                                                                                                                                                                              ——— PMH Haitong 

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