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AvatarI. asked 2 years ago

Hi, I would like some tips on how to score better on the lab reports. I read the manual ahead of time and get full marks on the quizzes, and the individual reflections are no problem, but the lab reports I feel like there is not enough time to look over every question or detail and sometimes those questions are missed because of lack of consideration of some factor or mistake in explaining. Looking at the comments that the gsi gives I realized I would not have fully caught it/understood it in the first place either. These lab reports are groupbased and randomized groups, how can I improve myself to do better on these? So far my lab reports scores are pretty much at mean score. Occasionally a little bit lower. Thanks in advance for advice!

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AvatarLeen answered 2 years ago

I am in the same boat! I think what helps the most is making sure you get your questions answered during the lab. If you are confused by a problem or someone in your group is proposing a different answer, ask the GSI for some clarity and explanation of the concepts. Usually, the same concepts run all the way through an experiment, so having a general understanding will help you apply it to most of the questions. Having randomized groups also means establishing agreements among each group and taking charge if other members are quiet. Delegate questions when you need to, divide up the work amongst each other, and double-check each other’s answers. Talk things out and come to an agreement. Don’t be afraid to disagree and ask the GSI. At the end, check over your report and come back to questions that were tough and look at them with a fresh mind.
Also, I find that a lot of small details are hidden in the manual and give some more guidance to the questions (which can be very vague). Watching the demo videos and trying to work through the experiment procedures ahead of time may also help. Just keep in mind that it is a one-credit course, and if you are putting in your best effort, you will more than likely end up okay!
Hope that helps!
Leen, PMH Advisor

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