Pre-Med Q&ACategory: MCATHow many hours should I be studying for the MCAT per day/week?
AvatarSid C. asked 4 years ago

I am planning to take the MCAT in May and am currently taking 14 credit hours. How much MCAT studying seems reasonable?

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AvatarPre-Med Hub Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Sid,
Although it really varies from person to person, the average student studies for a total of about 300 hours for the MCAT. When I studied for the MCAT, that meant that I needed to study about 10 hours/week. Some weeks will be more hectic and others you’ll have more time to study, so it’s also a good idea to keep that in mind (i.e. when everything gets hectic around finals). One thing that I wish I had done when I studied for the MCAT was make myself accountable when studying. I would often put off studying until the weekend, which felt like a heavy burden on top of my other classes. Try and space out studying over the week. Once you get closer to May, try to devote most of your time on practice exams.
Hope this helps!

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